CNAM(Caller ID Name Delivery)

CNAM displays the name of a caller at the time a call is received by looking up the number in the national telecom database. With our web portal, you can choose CNAM for individual DIDs, offering you maximum flexibility. You may also use our API to perform queries for your solutions. Compatible with most SIP phone systems. Rates start at $.0089/lookup

LRN(Local Number Routing)

In the U.S., a Location Routing Number (LRN) is a 10-digit number in a database called a Service Control Point (SCP) that identifies a switching port for a local telephone exchange. LRN is a technique for providing Local Number Portability (LNP). Using LRN, when a phone number is dialed, the local telephone exchange queries a routing database, usually the SCP, for the LRN associated with the subscriber. The LRN removes the need for the public telephone number to identify the local exchange carrier. If a subscriber changes to another telephone service provider, the current telephone number can be retained. Only the LRN needs to be changed.

LRN is an alternative to the current NPA-NXX format described in the North American Telephone Numbering System (NATNS).

After you’ve complied with the local number portability (LNP) government mandate that allows customers to change their telecommunications service provider while keeping their existing telephone number, you may have encounter network problems. Using our Location Routing Number (LRN) query service, you can efficiently complete calls to the correct operator while avoiding dropped or incorrect calls and unnecessary and expensive default dips charged from a local exchange carrier (LEC) – all while minimizing capital investments and operational expenses.

You can access the LRN tool via the customer portal our by our API. Rates starting at $.0009/lookup. Volume discounts available.

Local Number Porting

Already have the numbers you want? No problem. Our dedicated Local Number Porting (LNP) department can bring TNs from an existing service onto the ArcTele Communications, Inc. network, allowing your customers to preserve business identity and continuity of service. Please contact us to get your port on it’s way.