Subpoenas and Court Orders

ArcTele Communications, Inc.’s preferred method for delivery of subpoenas, court orders and similar law enforcement inquiries is via email.  Guidelines for Legal Process Fees are specified below.

EMAIL: [email protected]

If delivery by email is not possible, ArcTele Communications, Inc. also accepts delivery via U.S. Mail, overnight mail, and fax at the contact information below.

FAX: 702.475.7599


Subpoena Compliance
ArcTele Communications, Inc.
848 N Rainbow Blvd #588
Las Vegas, NV 89107

Please Note: All requests for records production should be accompanied by the appropriate subpoena, legal process and/or documentation and must name “ArcTele Communications” as the service provider.  Also, all requests must include the sender’s name (and for criminal investigations, the law enforcement agency name), address, email address and telephone number. Questions about law enforcement inquiries can be directed to ArcTele Communications, Inc. at the following telephone numbers.




Effective January 1, 2014 ArcTele Communications, Inc. reserves the right to seek cost reimbursement in connection with the processing of subpoenas, search warrants, court orders, and/or all other forms of valid legal process requesting company records.  The fee schedule below identifies applicable fees by request type.

Records Production Fee Schedule

General Administrative Fee applicable to all requests = $45 (plus applicable charges below)

Type of Request


Subscriber Info only

$5.00/Phone #

Bill Copies/Statements


Payment History

$10.00/Phone #/Account

Check copy/credit card # (when available)

$35.00/Phone #/Account

Copy of Service Agreement (if available)

$35.00/Phone #/Account
CDR report (when available)

$1.00/day/Phone #/Account

CDR report including Sub Info for all Phone # that called/received calls from Target #

$5.00/day/Phone #

CDR reverse search (all Client Company subscribers that called the Target #)

$1.00/day/Phone #

IP Logs

$5.00/day/IP Address

Research (Hourly)



Additional Information:

  1. An invoice will accompany the response.  Payment is due within 30 days.
  2. Additional fees may be imposed for unduly burdensome, voluminous or expedited requests. Record requests for a period beyond one calendar year from the date of search will fall within the additional fees category.
  3. Pre-payment may be required prior to subpoena fulfillment for voluminous requests or where requestor is delinquent in payment of past due charges.
  4. Fees are subject to change from time to time.
  5. Exceptions granted for cases involving exploitation of children.